Monday, December 31, 2007

Where has a year gone?

The image above is me, my precious, and my husband.
They put up with my crazy life on the weekends and provide so much support.
I couldn't write this post without a "Thank you" to them!

As I sit here at my computer in my little office, I am truly amazed what has happened in one year's time. Last year, I was working for Bliss as an Event Producer, but had no idea how much this business would come to mean to me. Throughout 2007 I have been a part of so many wedding days that you would think I could never remember them all...but I do. Please indulge me as I reminisce...Erin and John make me want to plan a trip to New York City...Natalie and Beau will forever be the hot pink/leopard print wedding...Nikki and Rob still make me smile every time I think about Nikki's friends calling us to go out on the town at 2:00 in the morning after the wedding...Laura and Matt first introduced us to the Babikows and their grace and class shine through the entire family...Summer and Gregg, I'm definitely looking you up when I make it to San Diego...Kelly and Jake, congratulations on your upcoming addition and I will always remember the sweetest lady I've ever met, Mrs. Nancy Hart (and I'm so proud of her for not bringing ferns to the wedding!)...Jessica and Tim, it may have rained all day but you two were troopers and showed what it means to remember what the wedding day is all about...Danielle and Len are so in love and I've honestly never seen a groom look at his new wife the way he looks at her...Becky and Jeremy truly know how to throw the BEST party...Christine and Joe have the most amazing family and let me experience my first family sing-a-long at a wedding (Sweet Caroline..da, da ,da!)...The Babikows blessed us again with a 50th anniversary party honoring Dave and Wyona...Mark and Lori wrapped up the year in style and I cannot think of a better ending for 2007.

Reflecting on the past makes me excited for the year to come. Tomorrow I will put away my Christmas decorations (including the hot pink tree in my office...yes, the TREE is pink) and prepare for the year ahead. There are already so many fascinating plans on the horizon, I cannot wait to see what else will pop up. To my partners in crime (aka, all the other wedding vendors) how lucky are we? This is the most amazing and rewarding business that we are a part of and so many people will never love their "work" as much as we do.

Lastly, to Mrs. Lara Casey...where in the world would I be without you? How did we even get here? Thank you for taking a chance on me and trusting me with something that you poured your heart and soul into. I know that there is not another person in this world other than you who can understand how I feel on a day like yesterday. The sense of accomplishment, pride, exhaustion and relief all mixed together is indescribable to someone who has not been there. You've taught me the importance of trusting your instincts, always putting the bride first, and never allowing yourself to lose focus of the business. You are a remarkable woman and we are going to be on Oprah. I don't know what will happen next, but whatever it is, I think we're ready.

God bless you all in the upcoming year and may you find your peace.

Danielle Flowers Atkinson

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Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Wow...those are two dashing little boys you have! Let's not forget your own awesome wedding this past year too! We're raising our glass and sending a digital toast your way......