Friday, July 27, 2007

Wedding Insurance

Check out Danielle in the paper today! Wedding Insurance

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lisa and Scott in the PNJ!

Check out the cover of the Life Section in today's Pensacola News Journal. Our lucky 7-7-07 couple is featured. Today is the most popular wedding day in a decade and we are so excited about their wedding!! CONGRATS Lisa and Scott and all the lucky-in-love 7-7-07 couples! ~ *photo credit- Patsy Brown of A Thousand Words Photography*

UPDATE: here is the link to the wedding pics courtesy of the fabulous Patsy Brown! We did the flowers for this wedding and it was such an honor. Such a gracious bride. Congratulations!!! (and many thanks to Patsy for these amazing pics!) Enjoy~ Lisa and Scott

Friday, July 06, 2007

July Series: Blissful Giving

This month is all about giving back. One of the best ways to start your new lives together on the right foot is to give to those in need. Make it a point to include at least ONE charitable act in your wedding... whether it's donating your flowers to the local retirement home, taking a collection of funds for your favorite charity in lieu of wedding gifts, or setting aside a portion of your wedding budget to give to a special cause in your guests names instead of giving favors, charity and reaching out are contagious! Your guests will hopefully leave your wedding and be affected by your gesture enough to continue the giving trend. Start your marriage well and give. It's easy.... here are a few of our favorite ways to say "I DO" to giving back:

The I DO Foundation

Just Give Weddings
Wedding List Giving

Brides, take a moment to tell us your best ideas for giving back. We'll put the top tips in SWS this fall! Post your ideas as a comment to this blog. Happy July!


(CBS) The latest request at many weddings these days hasn't been for presents at all. With the average ages of brides and grooms today at 27 and 29 respectively, many have all the dishes and bedding they need. So instead of asking for china and crystal, The Early Show contributor Laurie Hibberd reports, they're asking their guests to donate to charity. When Christina Giallourakis and Aakash Thakkar got married this spring, they were actually excited that half of their wedding guests did not buy them gifts. Thakkar explains, "We had sort of tried to, in planning for our wedding, to sort of get the basics that we need. Sure, maybe we didn't have sort of all the toasters and silverware and plates, et cetera, that one might need. But I think, our general thought was we could buy that stuff along the way." Instead, this Washington, D.C., couple asked their friends and family to help start a scholarship fund at Thakkar's high school alma mater. He says, "The thought was to start a scholarship that would be perpetual, and would allow a disadvantaged child in the Washington, D.C., area to be able to go to St. John's College High School." And they're not the only ones to forgo presents for charity. The trend has grown in the last few years, with a number of high-profile celebrity couples, including Billy Joel and his wife, Katie, setting the example. "I don't think we ever considered asking our friends to buy us gifts," Katie Joel says. "My husband and I were really on the same page when it came to this issue. We wanted to have charity donations for the wedding from the beginning. I got a lot of feedback from different friends saying, 'It's great that you chose to give to charities, instead of asking for gifts. We don't want to buy you a coffee pot'." Kara Corridan, executive editor of Modern Bride magazine, notes, "Over the past few years, couples may donate the unused food from their reception to a local food bank, or they'll print their invitations and their stationery on recycled paper. Or instead of giving favors to guests, they'll tell them that they made a donation to their favorite charity." Bethany Robertson is the executive director of the I Do Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps couples incorporate charity into their big day. Roberts says, "We have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of couples who are participating. In 2004, we had about 20,000 couples in the program. And this year, we're on track to have over 200,000 couples choose a charity through either the I Do Foundation or one of our partners. This is money that did not currently or before exists in the charitable pipeline. This is money that was being spent on cake toppers and garter belts. Now, it's being used for children's health or for community development, things like that. I kind of think of it as icing on the cake, really." Experts say it makes sense that this trend is on the rise with couples waiting longer - and until they're older - before walking down the aisle. Corridan says, "I think now because we have more couples who have been living together before they get married, they literally just don't need the stuff that would end up on a traditional registry, or they may live separately, and so, they might end up with two sets of everything going in to setting up their home." For couples like Christina Giallourakis and Aakash Thakkar, who are tying charitable giving into the day they tie the knot, they say it makes all the difference. "I think it made our wedding better," Giallourakis says. "There was that much more interaction with all of our guests before the wedding. It wasn't they just went to a Web site and bought a gift and that was it. It was: How's the fund doing? Where are you up to now?" And Robertson is hoping that more and more people think of those less fortunate while planning for their own futures. She says, "The I Do Foundation's vision is really that in 10 years, when someone comes back from a wedding, people will say, 'What did the bridesmaids' dresses look like? Who was the best man? And what was the couple's charity?'" If you're wondering how much money can actually be raised like this, so far Giallourakis and Thakkar's scholarship fund has raised about $8,000.

*photo credit- Kim Sellers for SWS Mag, flowers- Nouveau Flowers of Destin

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress of My Dreams!

OK, so you all know about those super cheesey, tired old games that we've all played at wedding showers, right? Well, my soon-to-be Mother in Law came up with a great one and I feel I must share. All of the ladies at my shower were divided into teams of three and given 2 rolls of toilet paper and a roll of scotch tape. Each group had to design a wedding dress from toilet paper (with one of them being the model) and create their design in 10 minutes. After they were finished, I was treated to a runway show where I was the judge. The winners of my fabulous toilet paper wedding gown extravaganza competition....none other than THE Lara Casey, THE Amanda Shiflet, and my soon-to-be Sister in Law, THE Ashley Bishop!

The Knot

I can't give details, but we just found out that one of our recent weddings is going to be in The Knot Wedding Magazine next spring!! woohoo!!