Monday, April 30, 2007

Natalie & Beau sneak peak from the Salter's

Mick and Rita Salter of Salter Photography, who are always such a joy to work with, were the photographers for Natalie and Beau's Big Day. Mick sent me these shots last night just to wet your appetite... watch out for this wedding in Southern Wedding Style Magazine's print edition (launching this fall!). Thanks so much Mick and Rita for these fabulous pictures and for a fantastic evening!!!

5/9/07 UPDATE: here are more fun pics from our in house photographers extraordinaire... Kim Sellers and Samantha Crooke.... enjoy!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Congratulations Natalie & Beau!

There just aren't words for how phenomenal this wedding was! Stay posted for several blog entries to come about Natalie and Beau's BIG DAY... and it was BIG!!! Belly dancers, martini slides, and a gorgeous and gracious family are just the beginning of what made this night my favorite wedding of all time. Here's a sneak peak of Amanda, Danielle, Sam, Kara Marie, Natasha and I in the photo booth! CONGRATULATIONS Mr. and Mrs. Pollard!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Congratulations Erin and John!

This weekend, Amanda and I had the pleasure of celebrating with Erin and John, along with their families and friends. Erin and John live in New York City, so they bravely planned from afar. Their amazing ceremony took place directly on the beach with the reception at Portofino Resort on Pensacola Beach. The chef and restaurant staff outdid themselves for the occasion. Check out the pictures below of the celebration.

Erin and John

The two lone groomsmen who started the much needed "South Side" Dance Floor. This picture was taken before they advertised for others to join.

Celebrating their victory of bringing the "South Side" Dance Floor to life!

Betty Weber's cake was a hit, as always! This is just the top layer that was left for the bride and groom.

John's Dad and Stepmother led the way on the dancefloor!

Congratulations again and, please, keep in touch. Best wishes for the future!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Six Weddings, Six Wedding Planners, and a whole lotta candy!

If you haven't noticed, our blog-posting frequency has gone WAY down. We're busy! We have 6 weddings in the next three weeks that we've been working night and day on, plus the debut of our online magazine Southern Wedding Style is May 1, PLUS we are about to start layout on the print version that will come out this fall. We are busy and HAPPY! This work is awesome and we all feel blessed to have the honor to do it each and every day. Here are a a few behind the scenes shots of what our office looks like right now - candy (125lbs!) and parasols and lounge furniture, oh my! : )

I want to officially introduce two women who have quickly become part of our close-knit Bliss team.... drum roll.... Sam Ellison and Amanda Shiflet ~

More to come on both of them, but check out these awesome shots (they also make fabulous models!) that Hara and Jeremy Cook took of them a couple weeks ago as part of an SWS photo shoot. We promise we will reveal the other half of their faces... and details about these amazing women... very soon! haha Stay tuned.

Sam getting pics of Hara and Jeremy getting pics

Amanda peeking through the baby's breath- Emily Stiles is the make-up diva responsible for those smokin' eyes

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SWS Photo Shoot Alert!

Here's a sneak peak of a shoot we did yesterday for our upcoming magazine, Southern Wedding Style. The SWS Online Edition launches May 1st and the print edition will be out this fall! Hara and Jeremy Cook of were our fabulous photographers yesterday, Emily Stiles was the master of make-up, and gowns provided by Minton's and one stunning gown we cannot show you until late this summer : ) Our gorgeous bride was the soon-to-be-Mrs. Pollard, Natalie Henderson. What a star!

Here's a sneak peak of behind-the-scenes shots that we CAN show you~ enjoy! *these are our own candids- the real pics from Hara and Jeremy you will just have to wait for!! : )

Hara and Jeremy even got in the water for a few shots! They were so much fun and such a great team to spend the day with.

Danielle organized this awesome shoot and -like the rest of us- laughed and smiled all day. It was such a fun shoot!

Natalie and her husband-to-be, Beau. Aren't they a stunning couple!?

Lara and Natalie (in a Lazaro gown) strolling in Seville Square... just a normal day with Bliss and SWS

The best MOB ever, Bette Harriman, puts the glass slippers on her Cinderella daughter. We had such a blast!

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats Natalie and Beau! We can't wait till the Big Day and to see this shoot in print!