Monday, April 23, 2007

Congratulations Erin and John!

This weekend, Amanda and I had the pleasure of celebrating with Erin and John, along with their families and friends. Erin and John live in New York City, so they bravely planned from afar. Their amazing ceremony took place directly on the beach with the reception at Portofino Resort on Pensacola Beach. The chef and restaurant staff outdid themselves for the occasion. Check out the pictures below of the celebration.

Erin and John

The two lone groomsmen who started the much needed "South Side" Dance Floor. This picture was taken before they advertised for others to join.

Celebrating their victory of bringing the "South Side" Dance Floor to life!

Betty Weber's cake was a hit, as always! This is just the top layer that was left for the bride and groom.

John's Dad and Stepmother led the way on the dancefloor!

Congratulations again and, please, keep in touch. Best wishes for the future!

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