Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress of My Dreams!

OK, so you all know about those super cheesey, tired old games that we've all played at wedding showers, right? Well, my soon-to-be Mother in Law came up with a great one and I feel I must share. All of the ladies at my shower were divided into teams of three and given 2 rolls of toilet paper and a roll of scotch tape. Each group had to design a wedding dress from toilet paper (with one of them being the model) and create their design in 10 minutes. After they were finished, I was treated to a runway show where I was the judge. The winners of my fabulous toilet paper wedding gown extravaganza competition....none other than THE Lara Casey, THE Amanda Shiflet, and my soon-to-be Sister in Law, THE Ashley Bishop!


Amanda said...

Just putting myself out there to all of our present and future brides - I'm available for dress design if you need any help! And Lara will graciously volunteer to model it for you. We're sort of professionals at what we do! ;) I think brides and bridesmaids across the country will be lining up!

Anonymous said...

You look hot lara!