Monday, December 31, 2007

Congratulations Mark and Lori!

I have to start this post by revealing a little bit of my vulnerable side. I have a huge heart when it comes to family and soft spot for romance (go figure!) and this couple definitely tapped into both of those aspects of me. This is the third event I have been involved with for this family (the fourth is coming next June) and I am always honored when they return to me each time, placing their trust in me whole-heartedly. **View the FIRST BABIKOW WEDDING here** and another fabulous blog post of **Laura and Matt's wedding HERE** Mark and Lori are a truly remarkable couple (as put so eloquently by the brother of the groom in one of the finest toasts I've ever heard) and deserve nothing but happiness in their life together. On November 3rd of this year, I was coordinating Mark's parents 50th wedding anniversary and it just happened that he and Lori had gotten engaged the previous evening. Within two days, we were hard at work planning their December 29th wedding. Nature and the outdoors were a very important element to this couple and I hope you will agree that we were able to bring those outdoor elements into a tent during the middle of winter. The evening was purely magical and we were blessed to have the impending rain storms skip right over us so that everyone stayed dry and warm.

I want to thank the amazing team of Bliss ladies who truly made it possible. Without Susanna, Erica, and Leah this never would have run as smoothly as it did. After designing all of the lighting for tents with me, Craig and Henry from Showbiz Lighting brought it to life and went above and beyond what I had dreamed it to be. The food for the evening was produced in the highest style by Chef Robert Pride, the new owner of MySpayce. He and his team received numerous compliments on the food as well as their impeccable service. As always, Betty Weber produced and amazing cake and there was almost none left! They truly ate it up. All of the images you see below are the fantastic photographic stylings of Rae and Wesley Leytham. There are so many more to thank and I could write pages upon pages. If you see something you like, give us a call!

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Wes & Rae Leytham said...

It was a beautiful wedding and would not have been so fabulous without the magic provided by Danielle and her team. Another great job, Danielle!