Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Very Blissful Year

Well, after reading Danielle's post below, the waterworks turned on and I am overwhelmed with gratitude! Let me just tell you a little bit about Mrs. Danielle Flowers Atkinson... I still remember the first time I spoke to her. I knew from that moment, talking to her on the phone, hearing her beautiful southern drawl and positive attitude that affects everything she touches, that Danielle would create unforgettable weddings for so many lucky brides. But, I really am the lucky one. I am so honored to call Danielle a friend and now business partner. I too, don't know how we got here except through a lot of prayer and God's amazing grace. What a year! It would have been enough to just have a year full of fabulous weddings, but this year the Bliss women witnessed so many beautiful personal moments too. Danielle got married to a wonderful man (who now shares an unspoken bond with my husband... being married to a wedding planner is... well, unique!). There was a moment in Danielle's ceremony that I will never forget. She was standing under the stunning stained glass window at Old Christ Church with Kenneth, looking like a classic movie star- like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly- and a male soloist was singing a soaring operatic piece. It was so moving and so perfect. We all teared up as we witnessed them exchange vows. I knew at that moment that Danielle's life was about to change and she was launching herself into a new and phenomenal time in her life. Bliss has been blissful this year, to say the least. I am so grateful to know you, Danielle, and to get to talk weddings, life, and love with you every day. You amaze me daily with your creativity, zest for your work, and true compassion and love for your brides. You make their dreams a reality. 2008 is already so exciting in my mind- so many exciting things ahead and I'm sure so many big surprises in store for us. Oprah, here we come!

My year in review....

On a personal note, this past Sunday was one of the most memorable days of my life. My entire family was together to celebrate my grandmother Celeste's 90th birthday. Her mother was a floral designer who passed the gift through three generations onto me. I am so grateful. She woke up yesterday morning and sat with me as she drank her coffee. She spoke softly to me "Lara, I just feel so blessed. I pray all the time that our family will be close and get together often and the Lord answered my prayers. I feel such a great peace." She smiled as I reflected on my year. God answered all my prayers too and so many more.... This year my husband returned safely from serving in Iraq, my father who is 74 survived two knee surgeries and even went skiing with us over Christmas, my mom threw my grandmother the most amazing 90th birthday party ever (yes, I get it from her!!), my grandmother is 90 and still lives by herself, works 2 volunteer jobs, and is the funniest and spunkiest woman I know, my brother - who broke his spine less than 2 years ago and was unable to walk- got back on his snowboard last week and was zooming down black diamonds with ease and a renewed confidence (what a miracle!), and Ari and I just found out we will be moving to Chapel Hill in less than 6 months to begin his radiology residency there. Bliss is opening in North Carolina this fall!!! I am humbled, grateful, overjoyed, and overwhelmed with thanks. To God, my wonderful and brave husband, my phenomenally strong family, my friends, to all of the Bliss Women and interns of 2007 - Amanda, Kirstin, Stefanie, Brittany, Jessie, Samantha, Kim, and Sam, all of our beautiful brides and their families, and to Danielle.... thank you for a very Blissful 2007.

Enjoy the following images: just a sampling of "The Best of 2007"
Danielle- the stunning bride and phenomenal Wedding Producer.

This wedding will be featured in The Knot Wedding Magazine this spring.

The Bride and Groom of the year for Southern Wedding Style Magazine, Natalie and Beau!

A gorgeous ring pillow made of green orchid petals courtesy of the gifted Kebbie Hollingsworth.
Beautiful Brides at our Southern Wedding Style Magazine cover shoot.
Danielle putting the finishing touches on the Babikow's 50th wedding anniversary event.
The New Year is looking Blissful!

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Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Awwww - that is so sweet! I think Danielle ROCKS too. I will let her plan my next wedding. Maybe Wes and I should plan for a 10-year vow renewal in 2010.