Monday, June 11, 2007

Wedding Planner Needed!

OK, Brides, you are NOT allowed to apply... trust me, you don't want to plan your wedding and 30 others at the same time! But, if you know of anyone who is FABULOUS, and I mean really FABULOUS, then we want to meet them. We are in need of another one of us to fill in when Amanda and I have to do our military duty and follow our hubby's out of FL very soon. She'll be going most likely to San Diego and I'll be going back to CA when Ari gets back from Iraq in three months. Don't worry, we will still be planning Bliss events as usual, but we can't fly back for every meeting (it was fun for a while, but I started to call the Delta Crowne Room "home"!). So, spread the word. We're looking for the next Bliss Girl! Email me for details-

photo by Kim Sellers

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