Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bliss Girls Guilty Pleasures

The Bliss Girls Guilty Pleasure #1: stalking our favorite wedding photography blogs! We like US magazine too, but “Blog Stalking” as the cool kids call it is our number one guilty pleasure. On our bookmarks right now (in no particular order…)

and check out these west coast photographers we love:

and our new SWS blogs!

Bliss Girls Guilty Pleasure #2: Wedding Magazines. Yes, brides, there is a way for the fun to never end and for you to continue tearing pages out of bridal magazines- be a Bliss Girl! Don’t even open the “can of wedding magazine worms” as we call it and start talking about the new Martha Stewart or Elegant Bride in our office. We will not stop talking about our favorite things. (we have most of the wedding magazines memorized!) Our desks are stacked high with all the latest and greatest. Watch out when the new Grace Ormonde comes out though- we might trample you at Barnes and Noble!! ; )

Bliss Girls Guilty Pleasure #3: Brides. Yes, brides, YOU are our #3 guilty pleasure because we are suckers for love stories! When a new bride comes in our office the first thing we all want to hear about is how she fell in love, what her Big Day dreams are, and what she sees –beyond the wedding day- in her future with her soon-to-be-hubby. We have yet to hear a story that didn’t make us gush. Even the most matter-of-fact brides who claim to not believe in romance have a soft spot. We are saps, what can we say?

Check out the post below about our new Blog Series: A Blissful Marriage. Thanks to all the brides who have posted comments! Keep em comin’!

*photo by Kim Sellers, flowers by Kebbie Hollingsworth


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

woohoooo....I made the cut!! Funny that I am a stalker of most of those blogs too....especially Becker and Jess!! love you ladies! --rae

Bliss Event Group said...

Rae we love you too!!! : ) You are the one who got us stalking Jessica Claire's blog in the first place! haha love to Wes and Avery

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the roses!