Monday, October 23, 2006

N & B

I'm keeping their names under wraps, but I have to tell you about an amazing couple we have the honor of working with right now. This pair is gorgeous, gracious, and perfectly in love. As a wedding producer, lot's of personalities come in my door. We see relationship dynamics of all kinds. Sometimes we wonder why the couple is getting married, sometimes we laugh with them about their pre-wedding blunders, and sometimes a couple reminds us why we do what we do. Every couple has a unique story to tell and they don't even need to use words. It comes out in their color choices, their menu, their vision for their perfect day. And the best celebrations happen when a couple is truly good for (and good to) each other- when they are getting married as a celebration, not a show. Love yourself and your fiance deeply and you will have nothing but bliss on your wedding day! Thanks, N & B for inspiring us- we can't wait to celebrate with you!!! Check out the cover of our new wedding magazine, Southern Wedding Style, for our big reveal of N & B's wedding.... due on news stands Summer 2007

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