Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Navy Ball

This has nothing to do with Bliss, but it's funny. This is the CO (the head guy in charge- he's the one with the stripes in the middle) of Naval Base Ventura County (which includes Point Mugu, Port Hueneme, and San Nicholas Island)....

doing The Macarena

We just went to the Navy Ball this past weekend. Of course, you know me- all I could think about was the menu choices and the flowers ; ) Please note the balloon towers in the macarena picture. This would be a 'don't' for your wedding, but somehow added to the 'CO-doing-the macarena' vibe. As did the red white and dyed blue flower centerpieces. Somehow, it worked here... it said to me 'this is what America is all about- singing the National Anthem among baby's breath, butter balls, and balloons. No one cared- we celebrated and honored those we've lost and it was a magical evening. Watching the Admiral do the electric slide wasn't so bad either.

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Kara Marie Brown said...

Beautiful couple!!!