Monday, June 04, 2007

Santa Rosa Kids House Gala

What a fantastic evening! Angela Ellis Moore and Pandora de Balthazar hosted this gala fundraising event (we had over 400 people!) that made us all feel like we were in Hawaii, not the Hilton Garden Inn. And they raised a significant amount of money for the Santa Rosa Kid's House. Many thanks to the participating sponsors- Pete Moore Chevrolet, WEAR TV3, The Buris Family, Congressman and Mrs. Miller, Pandora De Balthazar, and Cook Realty... just to name a small few of the 31 sponsors. Such a success! Thank you for letting us create this magical event for you!

Angela Ellis Moore (holding the winning Corvette raffle ticket) and the MC for the evening, WEAR TV3 Anchor Francesca Maxime

One of the floral shell boxes on the Congressman's table.

Each table was unique and a work of art

The Corvette that was raffled off - thanks to Pete Moore, this car raised over $100,000.00! Unfortunately, we didn't win. Oh well, we would have had to paint it Bliss hot pink anyway!

Swirling Calla lilies. Many arrangements were 8-10 feet tall!

Amanda showing off our registration table arrangements- I was asked a hundred times about the exotic flowers in the vases... they are called heliconias (from Hawaii) : )

Congressman and Mrs. Miller enjoying the steel drum band and delicious island food.

Another huge arrangement (for Pandora de Balthazar's table)

Me finishing up one of the gigantic entrance arrangements.

After a hard day's work -(From Left) Lara, our new interns fantastic Kirstin and Stefanie, and Amanda with mini pineapples.

Many thanks to Kebbie Hollingsworth for helping us to create a tropical floral wonderland!

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Are those really tiny pineapples?