Friday, January 12, 2007

Praise & Preview

I got a great email today from a favorite MOB ("mother of the bride" OR "mother of bridezilla".. whichever each particular MOB wants to be known as : ) Here's what she wrote to another future MOB who asked her about working with Bliss (I had no idea she was writing this! so generous!)

Q: Have you had a good experience with Bliss?

A: "Yes, yes, yes!! As you can tell by my response, I am very pleased with the work that Lara and her staff have done for us. My daughter's wedding is not until April, so we haven't experienced the whole "big day" yet, but the gals from Bliss have been phenomenal in their attention to details, as we have been planning now for over a year. Lara has a unique ability to take your dreams and make them into reality. She has been a tremendous source of calm for us and has reassured us to the point that we are able to focus on and truly enjoy our duties, which are basically finding the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, grooms attire, and such. The whole wedding dress thing was such a great time for [my daughter] and I, and it wasn't overshadowed by us needing to run around to do a million other things. This is really a perfect set-up for both [my daughter] and I, since we both work full time, and I travel frequently with my job, so being in town to do all these "planning" chores would not have been easy for us, plus we haven't had to endure the stress of it all either. It has been a very special time for both of us. I can tell you that investing in the work of the Bliss group has been well worth it for me. They have a tremendous ability to do their research and work and have so many contacts in so many locations across the country, that it has been a very big plus for us. I wish you and your daughter the very best in your wedding planning and hope that all her wedding dreams come true! Best wishes and Congratulations, [MOB] "

Wait till you see this wedding (we're all counting the days). It will be featured in Southern Wedding Style Magazine and it will blow your mind! Thanks, MOB~ Much love to you both

And now, the preview of our Pensacola Magazine Weddings Edition bouquets.... well.... ONE bouquet.... you'll just have to wait a few more days till the mag comes out to see the other... ; ) CLICK TO ENLARGE

And we all just got our new
Grace Ormonde's and Inside Weddings, so here are a few pics I just can't stop oogling over today. These pics are like candy to a kid, like pb&j, like mountain fresh air- oh, you get the point.Click to enlarge... a parasol of blooms and butterflies, a staff bursting with a shower of orchids and crystals, a table I think I'm saving for my own wedding, and wings made out of flowers and gems! What a delight!

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