Monday, December 11, 2006

This Just In!

We'd like to welcome the following amazing vendors to our Cover Shoot roster:

Nouveau Flowers, Floral Design
Antique European Linens, Linens and Decor

The last three days have been crazy! Kara Marie and Danielle headed to Mobile on Saturday to take a look at the breathtaking gowns that Barbara at Minton's will be bringing for the shoot. Go see Barbara. She's been working at Mintons for 18 years and knows her dresses! oh- and the gowns she's bringing... well, let's just say someone really needs to get married at this shoot!!!

This morning Kara Marie went to The Bridal Loft to visit our favorite all-things-wedding diva, Ms. Brenda Carraway. Kara Marie also got a sneak peak at the upcoming edition of Coastal Weddings Magazine and she was floored. This issue promises to be bigger, better, brighter, and full of Pensacola's finest. Brenda is providing us with four stunning gowns seen no where else on the coast. Thank you, Brenda!!! Brides, if you haven’t done so, mark your calendars for the 2007 Bridal Expo. More details at See you there!

This afternoon, I placed our final order with Cloth Connection (linens for Donald Trump and Melania's wedding, Star Jones' wedding, etc.) who is sending us specialty linens for the floral designers to use on their designer table-tops. Jessica at Cloth Connection pulled out all the stops for this shoot and we are so so grateful.

And just now, I ordered a boatload of blooms from farms all over the world. Did you know that the flowers you get from your local florist most likely 'grew up' in Holland or Ecuador? Those aren't just ordinary roses! Mayesh, a big provider of cut flowers out here in California is also working with me to get us some hot stuff you don’t normally see in little ole P'cola.

To give you a picture of what's in store for the upcoming Southern Wedding Style cover shoot, we have over $60,000 worth of designer gowns, over a million dollars in diamonds, four Grace Ormonde inspired designer table tops (one from each of our fab floral designers), cuisine from the best chefs on the coast, four hot shot photographers (the real artists for the day!), 12 drop dead gorgeous models (including Miss Pensacola, Krystal McKown!), cakes that would make anyone break a diet, four sweet chariots to use as your getaway ride, champagne, sweets, d├ęcor, decadence, and a partridge in a pear tree.

(And PS... the word on the SWS street is that there will be a TV crew at the shoot! More to come on that...shhh)

14 days till Christmas!

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Kara Marie Brown said...

This photo shoot is WAY more work than any of our weddings! Phew! All very exciting! :)