Thursday, November 02, 2006

Planning a honeymoon is FUN!

After getting recently married in August, my husband and I were planning on taking our honeymoon cruise in the spring. Just yesterday, I decided I couldn’t wait that long. I admit I am a little (gross understatement) impatient and tending towards neurotic when it comes to anticipating events such as this. Anyhow, my inability to wait any longer ended well, because it caused us to pick a date in January for our West Caribbean honeymoon cruise! I can’t wait!! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the new year than on a cruise with my husband. It’s his first cruise, so he’s even more excited than I am, if you can even imagine that. We plan on going on as many excursions as we can pack in. Snorkeling (my absolute favorite) and visiting Mayan Ruins near Belize are our number one picks. I will take tons and tons of pictures with my new digital camera, so check the Bliss blog later to see them. I’m sure those photos will result in at least one painting memorializing our trip, so look for that as well! Also, in a couple of days, I will also officially have the name of “Samantha Rich Crooke.” I completely love my new name. It’s very original, very hilarious, very me. It turned out wonderfully for me that my maiden name was Rich, and I married a Crooke!

One of my friends Crystal is actually getting married today in Texas. Her and her soon-to-be-husband Kyle, both shown in the picture on the left, are such a perfect match for each other. Individually they are wonderful people, but together they are completely glowing! They are just getting married legally in a courthouse, with the “real” wedding to be next summer in Pensacola. In a couple months they are moving to New Jersey where Kyle is being stationed, having recently joined the air force. I wish them the best of luck on their exciting new life together!

I hope all is well with all of you soon-to-be-brides. That includes Natasha, one of our own Bliss members, who is getting married in a matter of days! Good luck, girl!

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