Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November Series: Blissful Fantasy!

This month we want to bring out your inner Cinderella- Glamour- Diva- Glitsy -Inner Bride! Every girl has a bit of (take out all negative connotations here and think Disney) PRINCESS in her. We know you secretly yearn for the white horse and carriage... or maybe a white hummer limo with a fully stocked champagne bar. Either way, your wedding is a chance to live out your fantasies. Always dreamed of being a Hollywood starlet?

Why not channel Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn on your wedding day? If you secretly pine for a winter wonderland complete with glittering snow, let me tell you that it is not impossible. We can make it snow in June and bring a blissful and beautiful white winter to the south. Maybe your fantasy is for each of your guests to be transported to Paris or Rome or Hawaii. You only have one wedding (well, some two or three) but regardless- whether this is your first wedding or your fifth- have faith that even in a tiny budget your fantasies can come true. With a little dreaming and a lot of creativity, the women at Bliss love to think BIG and bring a Bride's true wishes to life. This month, get dreaming! Post your wedding fantasies here. Visions of sugar plums are right around the corner....

and for a little fun... check out this site! BRIDEZILLA.COM


Amanda Jacobs said...

My wedding fantasy is to get married on the beach at sunset and then take all my friends and family on a cruise in the ocean with dinner and dancing till dawn.

Anonymous said...

ok, here's a fantasy... maybe I am just craving chocolate today... but what about a wedding where everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING is chocolate- the flowers, my bouquet, the food has chocolate in every dish.. ok, I want a box of Godiva now! : )