Thursday, February 15, 2007

Greetings from YUMA, ARIZONA!!

I just thought I'd share some humor here in my travels...

the Yuma phone book.... (yes, I'm BORED and have spotty Internet service!)

the ad reads:

"Lutes' Gretna Green Wedding Chapel
No Waiting, No Blood Tests
You can be legally married at
our chapel immediately after
being divorced in Arizona!"


and the one-and-only bridal shop is called "Sugar n Spice" !!!

I love it. I needed some laughs!

Anyway, things are good here. Ari and I have been hotel hopping (apparently there is a rodeo in town that is taking all the hotel rooms!) and trying to enjoy the Desert air. We are looking forward to having a little 'wedding reception' with my family and his family next Saturday. (if you didn't know, we were married last year in Vegas!) My brother is flying in from Miami, my parents from Pensacola, Ari's parents are driving from LA, and we'll all meet at my aunt and uncle's house in Laguna Beach with my grandma and cousins. When I think of all of our brides I always wish for a celebration that is focused on what matters most- on the love, on the great gift we are given in finding the love of our life. I'm very grateful and wish all of you the same! I'll post pictures : ) Enjoy this pic from last March in the Bellagio lobby. (What an amazing hotel for a flower lover! You MUST see their indoor flower atrium!)

More adventures from Yuma to come...

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Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Awwww!!! Congrats on your marriage! I hope your reception is perfect....I am sure it will be! We look forward to seeing you again in Pcola, but hate that Ari won't be with you! HUGS!