Sunday, January 07, 2007

Beautiful Beginnings

While I was in sunny-global-warming-hot LA working on a couple big weddings we have this spring, the Bliss girls were hard at work in Pensacola at the Beautiful Beginnings Bridal Expo. I just want to take this time to thank my team. Rarely do I write to them on the blog, but I think today is a perfect day to start and over the next week I'll be giving our "blog stalkers" a little behind-the-scenes on how things work at Bliss.

First things first... Tiffany, Natasha, Danielle, and Kara Marie, you are absolute gems! I get emails from brides who just write to tell me how much they enjoy working with each of you. When you call me right after your meetings with couples, you always glow. You probably don't even know this, but the most excitement I hear in your voices is right after you've spent time with a bride and groom or a mom and daughter. It's these times that I feel incredibly blessed to work with four women who have the same passion and joie de vivre for creating celebrations as I do. It's a true gift to know each of you. Keep doing what you are doing- you are making dreams come true for so many beautiful brides! I am so grateful and excited about the FUTURE!

I also want to thank all the vendors we work with on a daily basis and the bevy of new wedding pros who have taken the time to introduce themselves to us lately. Your warmth and enthusiasm about what we do is equally as exciting to us- it shows us that there are vendors out there who believe in what we hold dear to us- collaboration. A wedding is all about a team of professionals coming together to produce a day that is unique, personal, and unmatched. We never tell the same story twice! Vendors, thank you for your priceless talents and for taking the time to get to know us- we're thrilled to know you too !: )

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Danielle Flowers said...

Lara, you're such an amazing inspiration to us that this is attainable. Thank you for your unrivaled support and ability to not lose patience with us. I am equally excited about the future and the great team we have in place. Look out!