Monday, November 20, 2006

Honeymooning in St. Lucia

This picture is from our balcony - what a view!!!

First of all, let me say how wonderful my wedding went! So glad I didn't see all the 'behind the scenes' action!! I would have been a wreck. But I knew I had a group of very talented girls keeping everything flowing smoothly! I must say that our wedding was the most fun I have had in a long time. And to all the future brides out there - get ready to talk, talk, talk! Here's my little hint for when you are out of breath and tired of hearing 'Congratulations': (it's nice and all but geez!) run to the dance floor and dance the night away, you will have so much fun and you don't have to talk to everyone!! It works perfectly! Thank you especially to Bliss - without you it wouldn't have happened! Thank you to Big Sexy Food - the food tasted superb! Thank you to A DJ Connection - Jeff you were awesome! Thank you to Kris from Consider the Lillies - my flowers were gorgeous, just how I wanted them! Thank you to everyone else I may have left out!

So after our wonderful, absolutely perfect day, we packed for our Honeymoon and Monday we were off to St. Lucia. We had a great time, however, I wouldn't recommend their Sandals Resorts. Not the best service, especially for the price! And there were ants all in our room, YUCK! But besides the not so great things, everything else was fabulous. St. Lucia is a gorgeous island, and I would defintely recommend visiting it (and if you do, I would recommend a great little hotel called Ladera, it's on Oprah's must do list). When we got there, we took a Hellicopter transfer to the resort. It was so much fun!! The first couple days, we did what a newly wedded couple should do -- get your mind out of the gutter-- WE RELAXED!! We had our own private plunge pool which was nice in the afternoons, and the beach was pretty nice, however, not as nice as Pensacola Beach =). We went Deep Sea Fishing, and caught nothing except quite a few Heineken Bottles and some Rum Punch! We had a good group so it made it lots of fun even though the other boat caught a Blue Marlin! The next day we took a private tour of the island and saw the Banana Plantations, the drive up Volcano (which really stinks!), we drove through the rain forest and through little fishing villages. Then, my favorite, we did a Canopy Zip Line tour in the rainforest! It was so incredible, I would recommend it to everyone, but get ready to look a little stupid! I was definitely a little nervous at first, but after the first part, I was ready to go faster and faster.

Now we are home and back to's hard, but I am glad to be back with my kitties and puppy!

Thank you to everyone who made my wedding the most perfect and the happiest day of my life! Robby and I appreciate it so much!

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